The Shop

Children's toys don't necessarily have to cost the earth. Every child wants to play with toys, even educational toys and this is why we have a wide variety in kids toys that you will have ever seen. Our shop provides customers with a vast array of  childrens toys from as little as N500.00  and includes party toys, wooden toys and educational toys.

Party toys don't come cheaper
When your child celebrates their birthday, they will more than likely be having a party and a traditional element is to have party games and bags of goodies to take home. Pass the parcel, musical chairs and such like all require a prize at the end of the game and with our cheap party toys you will be able to provide toys. Party toys in goody bags don't have to be big presents, just a little something to represent winning a game or a thank you for attending.

The snack shop
We have a snack and drink session at the play barn shop  offering a wide variety of child friendly snacks and drinks.