The Club

We recognise that play underpins learning for young children and practitioners, we use a child centred approach to provide and support a variety of appropriate learning opportunities, which meet the diverse needs of young children

Our planning is based upon the observations of children, which allows us to respond to children’s actions and events and sustain a successful learning environment.We focus on the following type of PLAY:

Learning through Dramatic Play

Children imitate the people around them by recreating scenes from everyday life and acting out familiar roles. From this, imaginative play develops as they develop the ability to incorporate narrative into their play. As they grow, their ability to imagine exerts greater influence on the nature of their play. Their play becomes increasingly complex and the narratives which are created include more characters and episodes. The imaginary world children create enables them to realize in their imagination the things that cannot be realized in reality. Fantasy play contributes to children’s creativity and imagination and is a key element of PLAY at the playbarn club.


Learning through Dough and Clay Play

Children love dough. Playing with dough is relaxing and creative and there is no right answer. It encourages the development of fine motor skills, concentration, and creativity and offers opportunities for the development of language and social skills. Play barn club encourages the use of clay and dough to learn about textures and encourage creativity. 


Learning through Creative Play

Art & Design

In creating, designing and making, we create opportunities for children to investigate and use a variety of materials and techniques and to explore colour, line, shape, space, form, texture and pattern in two and three dimensions. This leads to the development of visual, spatial and tactile awareness. We encourage the use of marks, picture drawings, paintings and constructions to create their personal view in response to what they see and experience.


Through music children experience pleasure, joy and creative expression. Music is one of the acceptable avenues we use at the play barn for the release and expression of feelings and moods and emotions.

Learning through Sand and Water Play

Small children seem to be instinctively attracted to all the things the planet is made of, and above all to sand and water. These materials offer rich learning opportunities for children but the learning would not take place without the children's own delight in the substances themselves – it is pleasure which provides the motivation for their play. The Play barn club has a dedicated soft sand play area and toys to encourage learning to mould and create using sand. 


Learning through Table Top Play

Children at the play barn club will enjoy playing with a variety of jigsaws and table-top toys and board games this will be the start of early reading and mathematics, and will help to develop children’s hand-eye co-ordination.


Learning through Small World Play

Small world play is a type of imaginative/role play encouraged at the play barn. It enables children to be creative and spontaneous in dramatic as well as mundane life situations which interest them. We use storytelling, small dolls, puppet shows and role play setting i.e. a zoo, hospital setting etc to create a small world that helps to expand their imagination."Imagination is more important than knowledge" Albert Einstein.


Learning through Construction Play

We believe children respond to the great variety of opportunities blocks open to them. Blocks are the prime unstructured material and permit children to create, with the next step determined by them, not by the structure of the play material. We have all types of building blocks and legos for children to play with at the play barn.